Photo by Lari Aaltonen
Kudos is a collective of young scholars in the humanities. Not only do we work in the same house in Tampere, Finland, but also share general starting points for studies. We believe in multidisciplinar and pluralist research - the more views the better in terms of openness and the reliability of the study. We aim to establish a community of which interdisciplinary collaboration can lead to new and even unexpected results.

This blog is a means for us to introduce our work and bring forth themes which perplex us or which we consider important. It's also a publishing channel for ideas, which haven't materialised in their final form yet (for the time being, all the posts are in Finnish unfortunately).


Lari Aaltonen MA in ethnomusicology, PhD candidate 
World music, postcolonial studies, Southern Asian music cultures, popular music industries of the world, applied ethnomusicology

Juho Kaitajärvi MA in ethnomusicology, PhD candidate  
Small-scale record production in Finland, music industry and the Internet, music industry and power, cultural politics of popular music, popular music and cultural studies, popular musics of the world  

Joonas Keskinen MA in ethnomusicology
Music technology, the use of music, history of (popular) music, music and memory, globalisation, localisation and glocalisation of music

Pekko Käppi  MA in ethnomusicology, PhD candidate  
Finnish traditional music, especially singing traditions, jouhikko (a Finnish bowed lyre) and old European string instruments, vernacular improvisation and variations in playing and singing traditions

Mikko Pollari MA in history, PhD candidate 
History of ideas, nations and transnationality, individual and societies, biographical study, history of working class movement



Kaitajärvi-Tiekso, Juho. "Alternative Virtuality. Independent Micro Labels Facing the Ideological Challenge of Virtual Music Culture: The Case of Finnish Ektro Records." In Shara Rambarran, Sheila Whiteley (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Music And Virtuality. New York: Oxford University Press.


Kauranen, Ralf & Pollari, Mikko: Transnational socialist imagination. The connections between Finnish socialists in the USA and Finland at the turn of the 20th century. Teoksessa Michel S. Beaulieu, Ronald N. Harpelle, and Jaimi Penney, (toim.): Labouring Finns: Transnational Politics in Finland, Canada, and the United States. Siirtolaisuusinstituutti, Turku, 26-49.